St Lawrence river 1000 Islands Ontario East Canada Thousand Islands

1000 Islands Gananoque Ontario Canada
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 1000 Islands Gananoque Ontario Canada Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 1000 Islands Gananoque
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 1000 Islands Gananoque



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Thousand Islands Ontario East Canada


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Great Attractions In The 1000 Islands

Thousand  Islands Ontario East Canada

Travel & Tourism Guide

The 1000 Islands!
Explore this truly unique tourism destination in rural Ontario, Canada.
The 1000 Islands is an internationally renowned destination for tourists. The appeals of
the region include its scenic beauty, recreational diversity and cultural activities.
Inhabitants as well as tourists from around the world come to our community to fish, sail,
camp, golf, scuba-dive, cycle, hike, canoe, paint and photograph the wild beauty of the
 St. Lawrence River.
Gananoque is your best choice when planning a 1000 Islands vacation!